Motor Vehicle Insurance

Additional Benefits

  •  Own Damage   Rp 300,00 any one
  •  RSCCTS  10% of claim minimum, Rp 500,000 any one accident
  •  Act of God & Theft 10% of claim, minimum
Rp 500,000 any one accident
  •  TPL/PLL, PA, Medical Expenses   Nil


Insurance rates vary between insurers. Let dMAC negotiate the best rate for your model

 dMAC designed insurance
dMAC Designs insurance products to suit your needs

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Comprehensive cover

Comprehensive insurance cover provides for Bugatti 1924  theft, loss or damage to your car. It can also provide Third Party Property damage cover

Rates and benefits vary depending on the age of the car.  Also if it is garaged inside your house / apartment, or outside in the street.

Risks Covered

   •  Collision, overturning, skidding from the road
   •  Malicious action by another person
   •  Lightning, Flood or water damage Mini Cooper S
   •  Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcanic action
   • Theft
   •  Fire


   •  Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage
   •  Partial Loss and Total Loss
   •  Third Party Liability - higher limits available
   •  Act of God - Earthquake, Windstorm, Flood

Third Party Property Damage Cover  Up to Rp 100,000,000 for your legal liability for loss or damage caused by your car, including legal costs

Third Party Liability does not apply to any employee or immediate family member

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