Term Life,  Accident   &  Income   Protection   Insurance

Global Term Life Plan

Global Term Life provides life insurance cover up to $1,500,000

Once your cover is in place you may continue to renew it each year, until you reach the age of 70, even if your health deteriorates

Global Accident Plan

You can also apply for the Global Accident plan, which will pay an additional lump-sum benefit to your beneficiaries if you die from an accident.

If you survive an accident that results in you loosing your sight; speech; or hearing; or you loose the use of a limb, the benefit will be paid to you instead.

Global Income Protection Plan

Man in wheelchairThe Income Protection plan provides insurance for loss of earnings. If you suffer an illness or injury which prevents you from working, your plan will pay you a regular monthly replacement income, until you are fit enough to return to work.
Benefits at a glance
  • Global Term Life plan benefit can be up to 20 times your current annual salary, with a maximum of $1,500,000

  • The plan pays out your insured benefit if you die due to illness or accident

  • You can increase the amount your beneficiaries receive if you were to die in an accident, by applying for the optional Global Accident plan

  • Your Global Term Life and Global Accident benefits combined cannot exceed $1,500,000
  • Once your plan is in place, you can continue to renew cover up to age 70

  • An Income Protection plan will provide you with a regular monthly replacement income when illness or injury prevents you from working for a continuous period longer than three or six months

  • You decide which three or six month deferment period you require when you apply for the plan

  • You may apply for cover up to 75% of your current salary, subject to a maximum of $144,000

  • Your Income Replacement will be paid as long as as you remain unable to work, up until age 65. Your benefit will cease upon death

  • You may renew your Global Income Protection plan every year until you reach age 65

  • Terrorism is covered for a victim but no Accident Benefit will be paid

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Term Life
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Eligibility for cover
The plans are available to expatriates who are working in a non-hazardous occupation.

If your occupation is not 100% office-based, send us a detailed job description so we can advise if cover can be provided.

International Coverage
When you move countries, your Global Protection plan will provide cover wherever you go, unless you travel to a country which the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office has advised its citizens to leave, or if you take up residence in a country where the insurer is not able to offer cover.

Age Limit
You must be under 70 when you first apply apply for the Global Term Life plan, and under 56 when you apply for a Global Income Protection plan.

Easy Application
young coupleWe can provide a quote by e-mail. If you wish to apply, you will need to complete an application form and return it to us.

You will be advised of any medical requirements once your completed application form is received. Normally, if you are in good health, under age 45, and applying for cover of less than $500,000, or income cover of less than $75,000, a medical examination is not required.

Global insurance for expatriates & international citizens by:
William Russell Limited
William Russell is an independent provider of international health, life and income protection insurance for the past 24 years. It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority UK.
The Global Protection plans are underwritten by the Allianz Group